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2015 Winter Camp

National Winter Camp Hosted by Head Branch Chief Australia 4th dan Sensei Vaviti Vavitis in May 2015.

Our latest Winter Kyokushin Camp was a big success, new photos of our training camp will be uploaded to the gallery. Congratulations to all those who graded and participated in the camp.

NZ Kyokushin Nationals 2014

Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader, 16 July 2014

The karate quintet from East Bentleigh’s Extreme Kyokushin Karate claimed two first places and three third places at the New Zealand Open Championships last month. 

In his first competition, Paul Harford won first place in the men’s open full contact division, training partner Josh Collins came third. 

Harford shared equal third with fellow training mate Juan Ferrentino-lorio in the men’s kata division. 

Lisa Shnider took out top spot in the open women’s full contact category. 

Their sensei Vaviti Vavitis said he was very proud. “They’ve consistently been training two to three hours a day, seven days a week for the last three months, so there’s no surprise they did so well,” he said. 

New Zealand Nationals


We would like to congratulate all four competitors of Extreme Kyokushin Karate Melbourne on their wonderful performance at the NZ KSK open championships Tournament. EKK managed to bring back to Melbourne many titles which included two first place and three third place positions osu!

First places

Paul Harford (men’s open full contact)
Lisa Shnider (Woman’s open full contact)

Third places

Josh Collins (men’s open full contact)
Juan Ferrentino-Iorio (Kata)
Paul Harford (Kata)

2013 Summer Camp

The National Summer Camp Hosted by Head Branch Chief Australia 4th dan Sensei Vaviti Vavitis, from 11th to 13th October 2013.

With perfect weather for training, the EKK karateka trained with all their spirit and never gave up.  Well done and congratulations to all those who have participated.  Another massive success for Sensei Vaviti, EKK and it's karateka.

Photos are now available in the EKK gallery.

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