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In 2005 I began Kyokushin karate, training with EKK.  Prior to starting kyokushin I found myself going through hard times.  I’d been diagnosed with depression and I was determined to overcome it without the help of drugs.  Something had to change, I had to get out of the same rut I found myself in day in day out.  I needed to get out, meet new people and more importantly challenge and surprise myself.  Why not get fit and learn something that could one day be a potential life saver.  Art class was out and karate in.

I stumbled across EKK by chance one day while out for a walk.  I entered, with what was still just a thought and after asking a few questions I then knew that this is what I needed, this is what I had been looking for.

Until I started I had no idea of just how unfit I was.  Everything was a strain and made my body hurt and shake but I was determined to keep pushing, all the time using Sensei and the club as motivation, I persevered.  As I started climbing the ranks, what once killed me was now easy.  Karate was working.  My depression was long gone, my body stronger than I had ever known it and most important I was in control again.

Certainly training with such a friendly and supportive club (my 2nd family) has made my journey to black belt much easier.  They made it fun and enjoyable and when I doubted myself they were always there to push me, believing in me one hundred percent.

As a token of my appreciation to the very hard working Sensei, Sempais and members of EKK I wish to pass on the knowledge I have learnt to other students in a way that would make my Sensei and club proud.

The rewards of karate are priceless, fit, happy and confident.

Debra Marshall

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