Throughout my life I have tried many different sports, but have never found one that I like or can stick to, up until 4 years ago when I discovered Kyokushin.

The first time I went to EKK it was for moral support but soon discovered it was something that was appealing to me.

After my first lesson I realized that it is something I want to do mainly to build up my fitness but also because it was mentally challenging as well.

As the weeks past I kept training and started to feel more coordinated with basic techniques, which was a great challenge to learn.  Along with that I felt that my balance was improving which then made me feel more confident about myself and more motivated to keep training.  It was that moment that I decided I should try and go as far as I can in the art of Kyokushin.

Four years has passed and I feel I have learnt so much through sensei vavitis teachings, I have used each and every day of training to take the opportunity to learn something new.
To me, having achieve my black belt is one of the biggest goals in my life and also the first big step into my journey of Kyokushin. I earned my 2nd dan in 2013.

It would be my absolute pleasure to put that time and effort back into the club and help pass on the teachings and techniques of Kyokushin.

Jason Dawes

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