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Life contains many milestones, sometimes these are crossroads which take you in new directions. Stepping into the Extreme Kyokushin Karate (EKK) dojo on an Autumn evening is one of the most vivid and life changing events I have ever experienced. From the moment entered, I immediately felt there was something special about this martial arts club.

Everyone training session at EKK teaches you something both about Kyokushin karate and about yourself.  As you get fitter, you find your mind and body becoming sharper and more resilient to the pressures you place on them both inside and outside the dojo.  As you progress in your training, you learn to take pride in your accomplishments and it is not long before you look back and are amazed at just how far you have come in your journey.

Sensei Vaviti is an immensely talented and inspiring teacher and the dojo and club he has created is a direct extension of this. His dedication to his students training and his commitment to their success has to be seen to be believed. The ethos he instils in his karateka to never give up characterises their ongoing success in training, gradings and tournaments alike. While Sensei Vaviti is both humble and approachable, his knowledge and skill is an elemental force which continues to drive EKK to great heights.

People ask me what is next after achieving my shodan. My answer, always, is to continue my training and teaching at EKK. Extreme Kyokushin Karate is not simply about exercise and self-defence; it is a way of life. With so much to learn and practice, you will never stop improving yourself and gaining confidence.

I look forward to giving back to a club that has believed in and given so much to me.


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