Senpai Caroline

(Office Manager)

Since beginning Kyokushin Karate in 2003, I have trained under Sensei Vaviti Vavitis. Sensei Vaviti has taught me everything I know and helped me to become a great teacher so I can pass on everything he has taught me.

Since joining at Extreme Kyokushin Karate I have become part of the EKK family, it is such a pleasure and so enjoyable to be able to come and train with my friends and share our passion for Kyokushin. Through Sensei Vaviti’s teachings I hvae gained more controlled diciplined attitude and have perfected my techniques. Now that I am a Shodan it is now my privilage to be able to support and encourage others in the same manner.

The teachings of EKK and Sensei Vaviti extend further than our nightly training sessions, he shares his knowledge and expertise at every available opportunity and is always willing to further explain any questions that arise. Sensei always motivates his students to become the best.

Through my travels in Kyokushin Karate I have fought in many Tournaments winning the majority, recently placing second in the 2008 National Tournament held in Queensland. Kyokushin Karate has helped me become a better person overall. Along with my busy job, working as Officer Manager, I attend to training 5 days a week without fail.

Extreme Kyokushin Karate, through Sensei Vaviti’s tutoring, has become part of my life. I will never stop training as there is always something more to learn and I will always strive to be at my best and to be as good as my other instructor, Sensei Vaviti. OSU!

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