Senpai Shaun

(Admin Manager)

I had trained karate when I was very young but stopped after a few years and decided to take it up as I got older. I started Kyokushin Karate when I was 16 years old and have been training for four years and entered two national tournaments.

Training with EKK has built up my confidence, strength, skill, spped and has greatly improved my fighting. Techniques I have learned from Sensei Vaviti have helped me to win nationals and dojo tournaments.

My kata has also greatly improved since training with EKK, due to the teachings of Sensei Vaviti & the other senpai’s at EKK, Which has greatly assisted me in passing my black belt grading as well as kata tournaments.

EKK has a friendly atmosphere and a great team environment. I enjoy every lesson at EKK and have learned much from Sensei Vaviti including the Kyokushin spirit of never giving up. Osu!

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