OSU! I’ve played a lot of sport, from athletics to soccer, cricket, swimming, tennis and snowboarding.
Kyokushin Karate is unlike anything else. Having spent the past 6 years training with EKK I can attest
to this.

You can’t and won’t become a black belt without countless hours or blood, sweat and tears. Anyone
who tells you otherwise hasn’t trained in Kyokushin Karate. However with consistent training
matched with solid instruction, EKK provides the training ground for Kyokushin mastery.

There are some surprising, unheralded benefits to practicing Kyokushin Karate:
-Your reflexes will dramatically improve. The whole Mr Miyagi fly/chopsticks thing is a bit far
fetched… but you’ll get bloody close.
-You’ll get physically stronger. I’m pretty skinny and this is hard for me to do, normally.
-You’ll get really fit. And toned. And lose weight. But you’ve got to show up.
-Your balance, posture and core strength will improve massively. There are many built in practices
and exercises which work on these aspects of your fitness, with or without your awareness.
-You’ll sleep better and gain mental clarity which is great for work or running a business
-You won’t want to start fights with anyone on the street. That’s a fallacy.

Shihan Vaviti espouses the Kyokushin Karate way with incredible deft, poise and precision. And like a
true master, he practices what he preaches. He can pinpoint and correct any technique, breaking
down complex moves into easy to learn and understand chunks. His depth of martial arts
knowledge, dedication and passion for continuous improvement is rivalled by few who walk this
earth. And on a personal note, he’s just a bloody good bloke with great character.

I’m incredibly grateful for the skills and personal growth I’ve experienced under the Shihan's
guidance. If you’re trying to work out where to start or restart your martial arts journey; the EKK
Club sets the Kyokushin benchmark to the top. OSU!

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