Senpai George

(Retail Manager)

From an early age I always had a passion for karate. I was only 8 years old when I started in Kyokushin karate and since then I have not stopped, it has changed my life. Through everyday practice I have gained great strength more confidence in myself, become very aware and better organized in martial arts. Kyokushin is now a part of my life and will always be.

As my passion for karate grew stronger, i took part in competitions where I won some tournaments, giving me more courage and credibility and confidence in myself for upcoming events. My goal in Kyokushin is to learn as much as possible, keeping in mind improvement in karate. As a manager in my daily life it is good to educate your mind to be far from reality and just focus in Kyokushin karate. Training in many different clubs i have gained much experience, but through learning by Sensei Vaviti who has an unlimited source of skills and information EKK has been the best club i have trained at.


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