I began training in karate in 1983, when I was sixteen. in early 1984, I discovered Kyokushin Karate, and switched. I trained in Kyokushin from early 1984 until early 1987, by which time I had reached fourth Kyu level (green belt). I fought in several full contact tournaments during those years (before the days when colts were allowed to wear head protection, or even mouth guards or groin protection), and met some great people. however, like many late teenagers, my focus was being drawn in many directions at that time, and my interest in Kyokushin waned.

I returned to Kyokushin in 2002, some 15 years later. I trained six days a week for the following three or so years, with very few interruptions. I did complete again during those years, although at a less intense level (age).

I am now training and teaching as a shodan (first degree black belt) with Sensei Vaviti Vavitis. i have met some great technicians through my involvement in Kyokushin. I have met some great fighters through my involvement in Kyokushin. i have met one or two great teachers through my involvement in Kyokushin. Sensei Vaviti vavitis is the only person I’ve met who is all three – a great technician and a great fighter who also has the knowledge, paitence, understanding, energy, endurance, humility and courage needed to operate an effective training dojo’s.

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