I began training at Extreme Kyokushin karate in 2008 and graded for my shodan in 2011. The first time I went to EKK it was to watch a friend who trained there, but soon discovered it was something appealing to me. As my passion for karate grew stronger, I began competing in many tournaments, demo’s and other events and through my experiences, truthfully believe that Kyokushin is the strongest karate.

Kyokushin karate has changed my life. I could not imagine my days now without karate and the people involved in EKK as it is such an enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere. Honestly, I never believed I could make it this far, but due to the endless training and personalised attention that Sensei Vaviti puts into every one of his students is inspiring and continues to push me further to be the best I possibly can.

Completing my shodan has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences. Through Sensei Vaviti’s teachings I have become more confident, fit, have a disciplined attitude and accomplished goals I never thought possible. EKK has helped me improve myself as a person and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to guide me along the way. I will never stop training as there is always more to learn.


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