Throughout my life Budo, the “martial way”, and its philosophy has always been a vital part of upbringing. Since early age, it has taught me respect, humility, gratitude, morality and virtue – all of which have together brought happiness and fulfilment, as well as strength in times of hardship. It is often defined broadly as a way of life because the true benefits extend well beyond the confines of the Dojo.

The power of Kyokushin, Mas Oyama’s Budo Karate, lies in its versatility and infinity, together with relentless pursuit of true strength and self-awareness. Upon discovering the art as a young man, I was awed by what I saw and was consequently left speechless. In retrospect this was a defining moment that helped me realise the “Ultimate Truth” of what it really takes to become strong and reconsider my aspiration as a martial artist.

Since then, I have never looked back.

While on this path, I have been extremely fortunate to meet and train with many outstanding individuals from its vast community. One such individual is Sensei Vaviti Vavitis. EKK is a place that I take great pride in being a part of. Being a Kyokushin school that is progressive while being firmly grounded in tradition and core teachings, it is by no means a place for “average” individuals, but rather for those who are prepared to accept and overcome challenges through dedication, humble attitude and hard work, to discover themselves and their true capability. Having said that, EKK also strives to offer a friendly and encouraging environment that allows every member to reach their goal. Everyone including Sensei Vaviti is approachable and members help each other to constantly improve.

With a myriad of martial arts styles and schools available to the mass today, finding the right place can often be daunting even with the wealth of information that is instantly accessible. However, if the idea of nothing is easy but everything is rewarding resonates with you, EKK is the place.


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