Shihan Vaviti Vavitis

5th Dan, Head Branch Chief Australia

Shihan Vaviti Vavitis started Kyokushin Karate at the age of 5. He trained 5 days a week at the dojo, without taking a day off (till today). His remarkable training and dedication to Kyokushin is everlasting.

Shihan trained as an in house student (uchi dechi) with a 9th dan master for 10 years, training and teaching daily both children and adult classes. After 10 years and having trained for endless hours, Shihan earned his 3rd degree black belt at a young age with outstanding results making his peers proud. In 2011 he earned his 4th degree black belt.

The Shihan is an active competitor in all types of tournaments including Kata and full contact fighting being often in the top three of Australia. He has also participated in several exhibitions demonstrating mastery in Kata and Tamashiwari. One of those exhibitions was with Shihan Cameron Quinn at the Victorian Hockey Center for the opening of the Dojo K.O tournament, which consisted of thousands of spectators and many fighters.

The Shihan dedicates most of his time training his students to make them first class fighters and instructors and in return he requires the support and dedication from all his instructors and students.

There is no doubt that EKK Melbourne is one of the most successful Martial Art schools in Australia and will continue to be so with Shihan Vaviti and his instructors spreading the spirit of the Kyokushin way.

Head Branch Chief

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