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I think EKK is superb because I am constantly learning new techniques, fighting skills, Kata and much more which will one day help me when I have to defend myself. I think Sensei Vavitis and the Senpai’s are incredible at what they do. At EKK you are constantly encouraged to do the best you can towards achieving your goals.

Bradley F (Student)

To be honest, I only started karate because my sister dragged me along. However after a couple of classes I guess you could say I got hooked, I now go almost 4 or 5 times a week, and part of that is due to Sensei Vaviti. He is an excellent teacher who has taught me everything I know and I look forward to learning so much more from him. Not only is he a great teacher but he executes techniques brilliantly and is mesmerizing to watch particularly in kata, my personal favourite. EKK on a whole is filled with friendly motivated people where we support and encourage each other to do our best and achieve our goals. None of this could be done without our Senpai’s and ultimately Sensei. Although sometimes techniques may be difficult, it is great to challenge the mind while keeping fit at the same time.

Caz L (Admin Manager)

Before joining EKK I was looking for a challenge. Something exciting, something that would better myself & teach me new skills. After much consideration I decided that Karate was the perfect opportunity to further myself. EKK has not only increased my fitness level & made me stronger physically but also mentally. EKK has made me motivated & committed, not only in the dojo but in all apsects of my life too. With a friendly atmosphere EKK is a great way to learn. Unlike other exercise regimes i’ve attempted EKK is definatly one worth sticking to.

Debra M (Retail Manager)

EKK provides a great opportunity for people regardless of age and skill level to train in a supportive environment. Wheather you are seeking self defence, fitness or want to compete at a high level EKK can help you reach your goals. Personally karate has helped me overcome a near death experience, providing a structured environment in which I could recover mentally and physically.

Fabian C (Uni Student)

I have tried many sports in my life, but have found it hard to stick to or committ to. When I tried EKK, i was surprised how much fun i had while getting fit. After joining EKK my energy levels have gone up, I have had no regrets about it, it keeps me fit, motivated and gives me more confidence in myself.

Anyone who is looking for a sport to keep them fit and motivated to do anything they want I urge them to have a go at EKK, you won’t look back.

Jason D (Mechanic)

Keeping in good shape has always been a priority for me. After many years of the same daily routine of running or weightlifting, I felt that I was often working out for self-discipline rather than for enjoyment. There’s no doubt that EKK’s Karate classes are a solid workout. The biggest benefit for me, however, was restoring my enjoyment in exercising. The classes are fun and always challenging. And the people you work out with are welcoming and supportive. I highly recommend EKK to everyone who’s up for some action.

Jonathan A (Computer Network Engineer)

My initial interest in martial arts commenced, after viewing Bruce Lee’s film Fist of Fury as a child. Growing up in a conservative adoptive Italian family, it was not viable to dedicate my self to the study and practice of martial arts, since I was to focus solely on my academic studies. Then not until I went to Japan in 1996, as an exchange student at the age of 16, that I first encountered Kyokushin Karate. That year I saw one of Kyokushin’s greatest exponents, the late Andy Hug (The Swiss Blue Eyed Samurai), win the 1996 K-1 World Grand Prix, showcasing Kyokushin Karate’s true power and aesthetic flamboyance to the world.

It was not until I graduated from university, then returned to live and work in Japan, that I was able to fulfill my long term ambition and commenced my Kyokushin training, at the end of 2006. Upon my return to Australia, I continued my training at another Kyokushin dojo for two years, until I came across Extreme Kyokushin Karate. I am sincerely fortunate, privileged and grateful to have been accepted as a student at EKK, where Sensei Vaviti and everyone else made me feel welcome from the very first day of training at the dojo. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to Sensei Vaviti, for patiently and kindly conveying his knowledge to me, often correcting and refining my technique. Of all the instructors that I have encountered, along my martial arts endeavour, only Sensei Vaviti has embodied simultaneously, the spectacular qualities of an outstanding fighter, a flamboyant technician, as well as an excellent teacher. All of these attributes without a doubt, make Sensei Vaviti a formidably outstanding master and an inspiring role model.

Training at EKK is an integral part of my life, because it has assisted me in retaining confidence, discipline and perseverance, in many challenging aspects of my life. Ultimately I hope that I can assist the novice students at EKK, with their training at the dojo, as a token of my gratitude and appreciation, for those who assisted me in getting to where I am right now in my Kyokushin journey. I once again would like to thank Sensei Vaviti, along with everyone at EKK, for making my training at the dojo always worthwhile and memorable, Osu!|

Juan F (Linguist)

Life contains many milestones, sometimes these are crossroads which take you in new directions. Stepping into the Extreme Kyokushin Karate (EKK) dojo on an autumn evening is one of the most vivid and life changing events I have ever experienced. From the moment entered, I immediately felt there was something special about this martial arts club.

Everyone training session at EKK teaches you something both about Kyokushin karate and about yourself. As you get fitter, you find your mind and body becoming sharper and more resilient to the pressures you place on them both inside and outside the dojo. As you progress in your training, you learn to take pride in your accomplishments and it is not long before you look back and are amazed at just how far you have come in your journey.

Sensei Vaviti is an immensely talented and inspiring teacher and the dojo and club he has created is a direct extension of this. His dedication to his students training and his commitment to their success has to be seen to be believed. The ethos he instils in his karateka to never give up characterises their ongoing success in training, grading’s and tournaments alike. While Sensei Vaviti is both humble and approachable, his knowledge and skill is an elemental force which continues to drive EKK to great heights.

Kieran W (IT professional)

Extreme Kyokushin Karate has changed my life. I know that this is a bold statement to make, however it is true.

After finishing University and entering the work force i found myself a little lost. Once I started EKK my life took a positive turn: i now have a goal to work towards, i am challenging myself daily and more motivated in all areas of my life, not to mention the elevated fitness level i have now obtained.

I could not ask for a better teacher than Sensei Vaviti. He is an expert technician. Sensei knows each technique flawlessly and knows how to explain the technique in a way that is easy to understand and replicate.

There are so many different aspects to Kyokushin Karate. Through Sensei Vaviti’s diligent and supportive instruction I am now starting to become proficient in all areas of Kyokushin Karate.

At EKK we never get bored, there is always so much to learn. We are pushed to our limits, whether it is through learning technical aspects, bag work, fighting techniques, stamina or kata.

My friends can not believe that we train 4-5 times a week; however, they have never been to our dojo and experienced the atmosphere. It’s fantastic to be able to train with your friends.

I can not imagine my life without Extreme Kyokushin Karate and recommend it to everyone.

Madeline L (Office Manager)

Since I was in high school I have always wanted to learn karate to give myself an extra challenge on a weekly basis. Earlier this year I met Senpai David and he suggested I join Extreme Kyokushin Karate, a week later I joined. Sensei Vaviti is one of the best instructors I have ever trained with. Prior to starting, I thought karate was only about the belts, but then realized it is about improving ones technique and self defence. It is one of the most physical activities I have undertaken, yet it makes me feel so much better training up to five days a week.

Nick H (Uni Student)

I used to be the type of person who would rather break a bone than do any type of physical activity. At school I was the type of person who would prefer to do theory rather then group sports. Whilst I am still no star athlete, I can confidently say that EKK has changed that. EKK challenges me mentally as well as physically, we constantly learn new skills and refine techniques, which ensure that training is always interesting and doesn’t stagnate. I also find the dojo environment to be very conductive to training. All of the students are very focused on their training and supportive of each other. Sensei is always patient, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the art that he shares with us. I have been very surprised to find in EKK a physical activity that I really enjoy and can imagine continuing throughout my life. I am still a book worm, but you will now often see me with my nose in a book about martial arts.

Nova T (Incident Managment Officer)

Training at EKK is a fantastic experience, I’ve trained at many places in the past but nothing comes close to the way of training at EKK. The instructors take the time to help every student to reach towards their goals, to me Sensei Vaviti is the greatest instructor, watching our young humble Kyokushin master perform Kata and fighting techniques is breath taking, you can sit motionless for hours watching him without a whisper, he is a legend! Sensei ill always be a true student to you and our dojo ‘EKK’. OSU!

Shawn T (Administrator)

I love training at EKK because I am achieving my goals which is to become fit and healthy. All students and instructors at EKK are extremely friendly. The Sensei and Senpai’s are awesome and are always willing to help me all the time whether it is fighting, kata or basics. I will keep up the hard work so that one day I will be as good an instructor as Sensei Vavitis.

Rebecca F (Student)

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